The Love For Art in Bloomington

Bloomington Art Center

Renowned for its arts & cultural heritage more than anything else, the small yet beautiful city of Bloomington in Indiana, is called home by nearly 100,000 people. The heritage it has comes from the generation of artists, musicians and anthropologists who have graduated and worked at the famed arts school of Indiana University.

These artists and performers have achieved high levels of praise and acclaim due mainly to establishments such as the Indiana University Dept. of Theatre & Drama; People’s Theatre and the Indiana University Auditorium, a 3,000-seat performing arts venue which hosts national level performances from musicals, concerts, and many other forms of live entertainment. The Ivy Tech Arts centre in Bloomington is also another famous name in the arts/culture scene having hosted thousands of performers in the last twenty odd years in its hallowed halls.

This cultural diversity and brilliance is also widely seen in the amazing music and singers that Bloomington has produced. Most of this finds its roots at the famed Jacobs School of Music at the Indiana University, its magnificent Opera Theatre and the public performances that take place in the thousands each year.

Bloomington is extremely famous for the traditional feeling music that it has. This acclaim and fandom comes mainly due to the existence of the Archives of Traditional Music and Department of Folklore at the Indiana University. A number of renowned musicians and teachers of music such as Strawberry McCloud, Miles Krassen, Bob Lucas, Willy Schwartz, Hawk Hubbard,Brad Leftwich, and Ken Perlman have studied and performed at this hallowed institute of music.

The university’s critical role is even more rampant in the historical arts scene associated with the city of Bloomington. The university art museum is one of the largest in the country, and hosts pieces of art that have been crafted from artisans that are local, regional, national and even international in nature. The success of this museum has led to a number of other small and mid-sized establishments to pop up, and the city as a whole is dotted with small galleries and art-houses showcasing the abundant talent of Bloomington within the art community.

This love for art and culture is portrayed rather brilliantly by the extremely high number of festivals (In all areas of art, music, drama, performance art etc) happening each year in Bloomington. Some of the most famous ones are the Afro-American Art Festival, Black Pride Film Festival, Dark Carnival Film Festival, Lotus World Music and Arts Festival, Theta Antique Show, and the ever famous WIUX Culture Shock.

To cap it all off, the council of Bloomington has always recognized art (in all forms) as an integral part of the city’s heritage and history. A specific arts council has been set up that works towards the conservation, rehabilitation and further development of the city’s artistic resources, which are indispensable to the educational, social and economic expansion of the city. Artists, works of art and the abundant institutions contribute immensely to the quality of life and the general welfare of the citizens of Bloomington, and gladly, this is recognized by those that run the affairs of the city.

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