Nightlife at NYC is very common and glamorous spreading out light, glitter, and charisma all around the city. Sky Room and Hudson Terrace enhance nightlife a bit more when it comes to up surging to the beats of the loud music or flavors of cocktails and tequilas mixed with some sweetness and savor.

Overlooking the Hudson River, Hudson Terrace NYC is a DJ’ed club with the best music of all times. A premier entertainment based venue with climate controlled roof deck. Whether it’s a private gathering or a large, luscious party, Hudson Terrace NYC is one of the most remarkable and desirable nightclubs in the New York City. Among all the other event destinations around the city, Hudson Terrace NYC shines and lights up like Venus at around night time. Hudson Terrace is more of an event venue with some happy hours at night and everything for a perfect nightlife under one roof. Whether it is a birthday party, wedding celebrations or galas, Hudson Terrace NYC is a perfect place for spectacular and unforgettable events of all times. It is one of the hottest spots to hang outside this summer. So, let the phones blow up, feel the love in the wind of Hudson Terrace and keep your glasses full until morning light.

Whereas, Sky Room is designed with plenty of dance space and DJ spiced music. Sky Room is a nightclub with indoor and outdoor seats and a retractable roof with city views. With the highest rooftop of the city, this club boasts the view of Manhattan and Hudson River. Take New York City’s nightlife to an extreme level of fun and excitement. All year round, Sky Room provides a comfortable environment to all the party people, with stunning views of the city. Spend some of your most intimate moments at the Sky Room. It is one of the reasons that keep you near the Times Square after all the tiring work hours. With high ceilings ad space in abundance, Sky Room welcomes you to a mythical place in the heart of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre. Spend your summer nights dancing all night sipping the strong drinks that keep you high enough. Sip cocktails, listen to some fun music and relax as you spend a perfect time around the crowd or at the rooftop crossing the 33rd and 34th floor.

Everything a heart might want is offered at Skyroom and Hudson Terrace NYC. Step in and act a little bit crazy.

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